Thursday, February 24, 2011

Pop Quiz:

What do you do when your very favorite pair of jeggings fails you?

a.) Wear 'em anyway. (Helloooo booty sheggings!)
b.) Sweats & yoga pants until you get around to buying a new pair.
c.) Actually put some real effort into picking out something to wear and maaaybe wearing one of the millions of skirts hanging dusty in the closet. 

Well. I know what I'd do. And what I should do.
And they are not the same answer, my friends.

It is a sad sad day for me and my cozy little routine.
Said routine usually went as follows:
-jeggings (I love you, come back to me!)
-something like a cardigan and tank or a slouchy sweater
-accessories (In my defense, I feel like they're the most important part anyway so hmph.)

{Thrifted hair scarf, Eric's Gap sweater, Charlotte Russe jeggings (rip..literally), swapped boots,...
Friend: Mike, Bar: Nick's}

There they are. In all their glory. See what I mean about the routine? I had that thing down!
Well, spring is coming. I think someone is trying to tell me it's time to get creative. 
(They might also be saying, "Lay off zee carbs.")

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Today I'm home sick with a stomach bug so I took some time in between sleeping and drinking ginger ale and watching Lifetime movies (I wish!) to snap some photos and share with you some favorite aspects of my room...

{My snugglebug Roo. Can my cat be a favorite part of my room?
You'll have to excuse the flannel sheets on the bed. Not my first choice, but Eric picked them out and he loves them. The matching pillow cases have little moose and bears and loons and log cabins hehe. I have to admit, they're pretty cute and soo warm! 
(Please click on photo to maximize cuteness.)}

{Cheery curtain letting just enough sun in.}

 {Painted cast iron jewelry organizer from an antique shop. The pretty blue glass piece from Salvation Army holds collected matchbooks from different places around the country E & I have visited.}

{My nana's vintage pillbox and a silly chicken picture frame with a picture of the silly sisters! 
(my sister Alli & I)}

{Eric scored this vintage mirrored perfume tray for me at a yard sale for 50 cents! 
It's so perfect & really pulls together the overall look I'm going for.}

{"Dear Little Bunny" vintage print gifted from my mother in law for my birthday.
Bunnies are my very favorite!}

{Bunnies.. and cats. Bun-bun my childhood friend is now keeper of headbands & hairthings.
It's sort of a mess right now. Dream journal on the left.
Gifted tabby cat ring holder from MexiCali Blues. 
Paisley drawer organizer from Home Goods holds belts, bangles, sunnies & other pretty things like that.}

}These two cat figurines were bought for me by two different friends visiting the Philippines at two different times! 
They had no idea! How funny :)
I slip little poems, photos and notes from friends into the glass to inspire me and help start my day off right each morning.} 

{Flower-shaped mirror in my favorite shade along with another note on a rosey sticky.
Diggin my fuschia nails.}

{Wedding bouquet, sentimenial swans- a gift from E for Christmas, found on Etsy. H for Hilary, a bowl of scarves, a handcrafted hand mirror, & a little Japanese dish that I use to organize doodads 
(rings, hair beads, Magic Hat bottlecaps, and can you see the little Totoro?)}

{This sweet cardigan was on super super sale at the Old Navy outlet. Reminding me that although that little hint of spring is long gone (it's in the 20s today!), Spring really is just around the corner. 
Take heart! }

I hope you enjoyed the teeny tiny peek into my room. I'm really looking forward to spring. I've got a whole bunch of plans for re-doing my room and I can't wait!

Science of Sleep

"Tonight, I'll show you how dreams are prepared. People think it's a very simple and easy process but it's a bit more complicated than that. As you can see, a very delicate combination of complex ingredients is the key. First, we put in some random thoughts. And then, we add a little bit of reminiscences of the day... mixed with some memories from the past... Love, friendships, relationships... and all those "ships", together with songs you heard during the day, things you saw, and also, uh... personal..."

I've always been so fascinated with dreams. I love what our minds come up with while we sleep.  I watched this movie earlier in the week, and really enjoyed it. The main character gets lost in his dreams, and is less and less able to differentiate between those dreams and reality. In addition to having a really interesting plot, there was lots of stop-motion animation which I love. 
So, in short:
-dreams (check!)
-stop-motion (check!)
-French (check!)
-Charlotte Gainsbourg (check! ..& I'm now in love)

At the very least, it is the artistic expression of Michel Gondry; he is communicating his perspective to us in an artistic way, and I appreciate that. I think that film is my favorite expression of art. Followed closely by photography. 

What's yours, and why?

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

"As green to gold and gold to brown

The leaves will fall to feed the ground
And in their falling make no sound."

We were there with the whole family, but for some reason my favorites of the photos I took this weekend happened to have only Eric or his brother Shaun. We had a great time. Saturday was the windiest day I think I've ever had to experience outdoors. I nearly blew over trying to climb the stairs of that observation tower.

Highlights (some pictured):::
a porcupine. Yummie's candy shop. three swans in flight over a salt water marsh. fried food. polar bear swim. pretty blue seltzer can. eggs bene. waking with the sun coming up over the sea. Nubble lighthouse. finicky ice machines. a new peacoat for E. morning shadows. lobster bisque. booeys and barnicles. seashell hunting. curious bootprints in the sand.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Tradition that's to be cherished

This weekend we're heading north to our favorite beach evuuuuh.

(York Beach, Maine)

{these boats are effortlessly picturesque.}

{this was our last beach trip of the season.. }

{Dogs are allowed on the beach after pm (and before 7am)}

{catching the sunset with my sweet pea}

{Shauniee caught the best waves of his life that day.. the day after a storm.
& Eric's rainbows}

{Brown's Ice Cream with Eric's siblings: Shaun, Rach & Pete (not pictured)}

We're heading up for President's Day weekend. Every year, the family gets one massive hotel room across the street from Long Sands beach. We go out for seafood in Kittery on our first night, then head back to the hotel to hit up the indoor pool & hot tub. Then it's back to the room for pjs & a movie (if we can ever all decide on one)! In the morning, E's mom always draws the blinds for the sunrise, and makes everyone get up and bundle in blankets to go out onto the patio to watch it rise. The rest of the day is spent exploring some coastal town.. every year it's different. We've gone to Portland, ME (favorite), Portsmouth, NH, Kennebunkport, and some others that are slipping my mind at the moment. It's fun; we spend the day poking around the town, doing some shopping, grabbing coffee, stay for dinner stuff like that. I really really love coastal New England. I grew up spending summers down the Cape, but I've grown quite partial to Maine! Next morning, we go to our favorite breakfast place in the whole world Rick's Diner in downtown York where I aaaalways get the same thing: eggs benedict (sans canadian bacon, thank-you!). Then after that we drive around to all the different old war forts in the area that we love so much.

All in all it's a very fun and relaxing weekend.
Yes, we do the same thing every year, but it's the way his family likes it. And, I'm finding more and more that I really cherish tradition. It's so special to be intentional about spending our time together. I'm so lucky to be a part of Eric's family.

Mile Long To-Do List Holy Crap Why Haven't I Packed Yet?:
pick up snacks & magazines for the car ride
charge camera
charge phone
pack: pillows and my favorite blanket (blanket, not blankie)
leave keys and note on pet care for Joy
one last quick load of laundry
(last year I forgot and had to wear boots back and forth)
et &c. et &c

Oh & I forgot to mention..
All seven of us ride up in one great big van.
Yesssss family vacation!!!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

I hate waking up on Thursday, thinking it's Friday

But, I love waking on Saturday thinking it's Friday!

Plus, the weather here is outstanding today!
I thought I missed my bus, so I started walking to work (it's like a 15 minute walk if I take my time), then the bus pulls up next to me as I'm walking and the driver's like "Hey! You gettin on?" Honestly, when I thought I missed it, I was kind of annoyed about having to walk, but after a few minutes of walking I felt good about it. The sun is shining, the air is crisp. Everywhere snow is melting. So, I said no thank you, that I was walking today.

The one bummer about walking was that I'm wearing a skirt with tights, and my skirt kept riding up and sticking to my tights. Luckily though, my jacket covered the majority so that I was the only one who noticed, because it felt very annoying. Too bad it's not socially acceptable for me to reach up the bottom of my jacket while walking down Main Street! Ahem.

{My favorite bracelet is from Alexis Grace}

{First iced coffee of the year! Also, I'm a Bruins fan..and never too picky for a little Dunkin :) }

{After having a conversation about carnations, and my dislike for them, I happened to stumble upon the most beautiful carnations I've ever seen. I now have to retract all negative comments ever made about them.
Well.. I still hate the pink ones.}

{Check out this crazy wallpaper in the entryway of a hair salon! Also, they still have their Christmas tree up.}

I'm so ready for springtime after today's weather. The snow is great.. I really do love it, but it's time.

I want to garden.
I want to wear a skirt without tights.
<--like that. :)
It's actually a thrifted skirt worn as a dress. The awkward pockets at boob level make me look like I have huge ones, but other than that, I like the way it can pass as a strapless dress when belted and gathered just right!
(Please note the iced coffee. I have an addiction, okaaay?)

{Note: This was such a great day. Eric & I went to the MFA to see a screening of In a Dream, the documentary Jeremiah Zagar made about his dad, artist Isaiah Zagar (who is known for his mosaics which cover over 50,000 sq ft of South Philly. It's very beautiful!) For the film, we met up with a couple friends from NYC and Philly, grabbed some Indian food, and spent the rest of the day schleppin around Cambridge until the evening where we saw one of our favorite bands, Mewithout You play at the Middle East. It was my favorite show. Then a local photog asked to take my picture for a series he was working on about local concert-goers, specifically at the ME. It was pretty cool. This day was back in 2009, but I still remember it being on of my favorite days of the summer. (And also a very Philly day. MWY is from Philadelphia as well.)
I don't expect anyone to read this ramble.. but I want to remember it forever.}  

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My Funny Valentine

Photos from our night:

{like I said, I was set on hanging paper chains all over the kitchen.
I'd say I'm 1/2 way to satisfied with it.}

{I got this idea over here & absolutely loved it. 
I was rushing around after work so it didn't make it up on the wall like I planned,
but I really like the way it turned out to be a sort of centerpiece instead.}

{Cutie pie washing his hands fo dinner.
We ordered pizza from Flats - roasted eggplant, fresh mozzarella & pesto!
Paired with a new delicious wine we found, and Greek salads.}


{Then... things got weird. Eric leaned back to stretch and when he did that I noticed that it looked a lot like a tiny little head with an afro and.. well.. needless to say, Eric cut out a little face and before I knew it I was taping it to his neck, snapping pictures, and laughing so hard that I never thought I'd breathe again. It was hilarious.}

Eric is my best friend in every single way. 
I love nights like this where we can share tender romantic moments, have a low-key laid back Vday of pizza and wine in our pjs (yes). And then, probably due to extreme extreeeme overtiredness, we can laugh so hard together at something so odd that we both have tears streaming down our faces. Then finish off the night with the best intentions to watch the good FRIENDS dating/Valentine episodes, but crash in bed at like 9:30. Yeah. Last night was awesome.

To-Do tonight:
respond to emails

(...or maybe just bed.)

peace & love.

Monday, February 14, 2011

wedding attire

I wore this to a wedding I attended on Friday night:

satin wrap dress: Salvation Army
necklace: thrifted somewhere
tights: Target
booties: Forever 21

& hey, 
wanna buy me this??
I'm beyond obsessed with White Owl's etsy shop. 
I honestly want every single gorgeous delicate lacey girly pretty little thing. 
Check it out here !!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Wednesday: Sleep is on my mind but out of reach. 9.

Weird dreams.
(ready for bed)
Free Dunkin coffee every Wednesday made just right.
Dude-guys on the bus.
Classroom full of students I love.
(ready for bed)
Sun. Oh the sun!
Celery stalks, pb& honey, cheez-its: Lunch. Yum.
At work doing a job that's not my job.
(ready for bed)
Walking home on unshoveled, iced-over sidewalks.
That sun!
Dishes. Laundry. Etc. Etc.
(ready for bed)
Trying unsuccessfully to bail out of a community meeting.
Community meeting.
Inspiration. Vision. Hope. Community. Together.
(ready for bed)
Musicians upstairs...making music.
Godiva liqueur.
PJs: Celtics shirt. Extra socks.
Ready for bed.
(ready for bed)
Musicians upstairs...
Sudoku on the iPhone
Pleading text: "Put the drum away!"
Good morning, sun.

{image via iPhone using Lo-Mob app.}

Tuesday (8: Forgotten Umbrella::Turkish delight)

Silent alarm (no time for coffee)
Forgotten umbrella (snow feels like rain)
Laundry day (the only clean socks are ankle socks)
Missed my bus (soggy walk to work)
Dreaming of going (plane tickets + festival tickets = negative dollars left)

Spinach pies from George's (best dinner paired with olives and yogurt)
Small group (reading to eachother, tea, homemade Turkish delight)
My head hits the pillow (three cats curl up on and around me)

Somehow, even when the bad outweighs the good, I still fall asleep feeling like it was a good day.
(Thankful. Blessed. Content.)

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Monday makes 7

Monday was a Monday.
I started it out with a lovely Boston Donuts (best ever) date with my friend Tara,
went to work as usual, got to walk home with Eric (we met in the Common),
then we ended the day with dinner at our friends Patsun and Elijah's home..
well that's when I ended the night.. then went home and to bed.
E decided to have a "men of the house smoking pipes and cigars on the back porch" end to his night.

New love: aloe juice
Seriously just try it!

I'm finding inspiration in all sorts of things.
Getting a handle on possible opportunities with my photography,
working up the courage (and motivation, sorry) to begin outfit posts,
and trying to figure out exactly what I want to say (not just on this blog, but in life).
Deep, I know.

Anyway, I'll leave you with a couple of photos.

{Hamilton last night pokin around the bed. Favorite curtain from Mexicali Blues.}

{Quiet little bird prints on my front steps as I left for work this morning. So sweet.}

*I use the Lo-Mob photog app on my iPhone. I don't know, I sort of prefer it to the ol' Hipstamatic.