Monday, July 25, 2011

Sunsets at Union Station, and lately

E and I walked down to Union Station to watch the sunset from the bright white top of its parking garage. 
{It's also where he works! His company has the offices that line the upstairs looking down over the mezzanine. Their conference room is the old jazz club!}

{& this is what I wore:}
Top: Marshalls, $10
Skirt: Savers, $6
Shoes: Salvation Army, $3
Earrings: birthday gift
Gold cuff: my mother's

This past weekend, my mom and sister and I saw this amazing show 
at Arts on Emerson. 
It was put on by Les 7 Doigts de la Main. I was truly speechless. The set design, music, dance and acrobatics (comparable to Cirque de Soleil) all lent themselves beautifully to the depiction of various mental illnesses in a way that brought out humor, beauty, and commonality of all that can go on in the human psyche. 
It was so incredible, check out the trailer below!

1. I wish I bought the soundtrack!
2. I'm now pretty seriously mesmerized by the German wheel. 

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