Thursday, November 10, 2011

Indian Summer

A week ago I was wearing boots and mittens,
and yesterday I had bare legs!

Sweater: swapped
Blouse: mi mom's
Cord Skirt: Gap via Savers
Flats: Steve Madden
Necklace: F21

Also, this cutie pants just learned how to sew.
He's turning all his jeans into skinnies.
Such an inspiration!
I just love his style.

Friday, October 7, 2011

BFW Sip & Swap Recap:

Last Thursday night, my friend Christina and I braved the torrential downpours and "bumper-to-bumper" city traffic to attend Boston Fashion Week's Sip & Swap at the Microsoft NERD Center in Cambridge.

I have to say, it was the least successful swap I've attended so far, but also the most fun! In other words, it did not disappoint despite my significantly smaller bag of loot.
[Swappers lined up!]
[shoes. drool.]
[my friend Amy (center), the mastermind behind the swaps!]

(*All above photos by Adam Towner from the Swapaholics' facebook album)

My 2 best best best scores were shoes. Truth be told, I totally blame myself for straying from my fail-proof game plan. I caught one look at the shoes all arranged so prettily (word?) and I chucked the plan out the window. Next time, it's back to the plan. However, I did get the ONE PAIR of shoes I had my heart set on, and they fit so perfectly! They're perfect! I can't believe they're mine!

Skip ahead to 1:09. Putting them on when I got home was like that. Just like that.

In other news, I had an excellent conversation while trying to get a little reading in on an otherwise peaceful bus ride to work:
"What book are you reading?"
[closes book. turns to show front cover.]
"So, you like to read?"
"Um, yes?"
"Are you a student?"
[shakes head.]
"So you just read? For fun?"
[slow nod.] Snape impression, "Obviously."

Friday, September 30, 2011

photo dump

I realilze it's been a while since I dumped a pile of some favorite shots on you.
So, here.

1. We hit the York Village candy shop to satiate our sweet cravings.
2. Hats on parade at the beach house for Abby and Austin's wedding week.
3. Dewy sunflower from Emilee's garden.
4. Sunset at Union Station.
5. Eric takes the new tripod on a nighttime photoshoot.
6. Chris and Ben makie good use of cucumbers at an Elm Park picnic.
7. Annie found another way to recycle soda cans.
8.  Snuggling little sisters is the very best way to be woken up.
9. Blue nailpolish on brick. 

This week I'm ignoring hints of a cold coming on. Much too busy paying attention to the BFW swap Thursday night, the Topsfield Fair (rain or shine!) Saturday morning, and two days' worth of quality time (read: thrifting, sharing new music, and eating great food) with my bff visiting from Seattle. 

Monday, September 26, 2011

I Am Tutu Fun

Friday night I was left to my own devices and decided it necessary to put on this swapped tulle skirt before carrying out the rest of the night's activities. 
And I truly know how to live it up on a Friday night. 
Oh yes. 
I did dishes, 2 loads of laundry, tackled a stack of ironing that needed to be done, and ended the night accidentally early 
by falling asleep to an episode of Absolutely Fabulous. 

How was your weekend, sweetie darling?

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Accidental Ombre

& did you ever know that:
I like Bob Marley alright but only as much as the next guy?
I don't get Phish.. or jam bands in general really.
I happen to be a vegetarian, but honestly I don't see how that has anything to do with my hair.
I don't like wearing brown, or tie dye, or hemp!
I wash my hair. a lot. 

Monday, September 19, 2011

My Fifteen Seconds

Last month I had the amazing opportunity to appear in Worcester Magazine! My friend Punky asked friends via facebook if they'd be free and willing to model for a photo shoot that would accompany an article on what just so happens to be my very favorite thing, aside from baby bunnies: thrift shopping! Of course I'z like, "Pick me, pick me!" And she'z like mmk.

The first day we shot at Armsby Abbey on Main St in Worcester:
On me:
Dress: Betsy Johnson via Abby's House Thrift Shop
Shoes: (mine!!) Marc Jacobs via Alexis Grace Consignment
Bonus: We got to enjoy our drinks! My sweet berry wine was amazing!
My new friend Jaime. Read her blog here. feet made it into WoMag ;) 

The second day we shot in Worcester's infamous Kelley Square.
On me:
Vintage Denim Dress: (mine!!) via Goodwill
Shoes: (Punky's..jealous) Jeffrey Campbell via Alexis Grace Consignment
Again with my feet! Seriously coveting these mirrored Jeffrey Campbells. Le sigh..
Kind of now a fan of hot pink lips! 

Oh, & a favorite blogger of mine also modeled for the mag! :)

On Julie:
Shirt: Savers
Lepoard Print Belt: Savers
Vintage Leather Skirt: Haberdash Vintage
My little sister!
On Alli:
Skirt worn as dress: (mine!!) via Goodwill
Animal print belt: (mine!!) via Goodwill children's section

It was so funny, when either of us had a turn in front of the camera we could not stand being watched by the other. At one point she caught me peeking during her shoot and just yelled, "Seriously Hil!" Heh.

It was such a fun experience, I wish it could be my life every day! We got to have our hair and makeup done (well.. they didn't really know what to do with my hair!), wear gorgeous vintage and thrifted items, and go to fun locations around Worcester! I can't say enough good things about the whole experience. The editor and photographer were so so encouraging and fun to be around, and I even made some new friends!

Be sure to check out the whole article & gallery!

*All photos by Steven King and courtesy of Worcester Magazine.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Up North

With the daylight hours growing fewer by the second, I jumped at the opportunity to go on a mini road trip to visit some of my dearest friends in Thorndike, ME to tramp around in the warm grass with bare feet and do other country bumpkin type stuff like that. It was such a retreat, so much peace and quiet, greenery and nature, and of course more stars in the night sky than I think I've ever seen. Here are a few of my favorites from the weekend away.

{Emilee & Mr. Bunny... Jubilee (and those eyes!) & a dead butterfly}
{Christian on their recently added front porch. The log cabin is actually an addition onto a tiny A-frame cottage that they lived in the first year of their marriage!}
{Josephine and her hat.}
{Annabelle. One of six cats I met that weekend.}
{sisters watchin the chickens down at their grandparents' house}
{Josephine loved me taking her picture all weekend!}
{fresh sunflowers brighten up the already-awesome 1960s linoleum table}

Around here I'm surprised to find myself welcoming these dreary rainy days. Although I'm not at all ready to give up the sweltering heat and my Old Navy staple flips, I didn't mind pulling out a sweater from the depths of my closet for a nice cozy walk to work in the mist and fog.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Sunsets at Union Station, and lately

E and I walked down to Union Station to watch the sunset from the bright white top of its parking garage. 
{It's also where he works! His company has the offices that line the upstairs looking down over the mezzanine. Their conference room is the old jazz club!}

{& this is what I wore:}
Top: Marshalls, $10
Skirt: Savers, $6
Shoes: Salvation Army, $3
Earrings: birthday gift
Gold cuff: my mother's

This past weekend, my mom and sister and I saw this amazing show 
at Arts on Emerson. 
It was put on by Les 7 Doigts de la Main. I was truly speechless. The set design, music, dance and acrobatics (comparable to Cirque de Soleil) all lent themselves beautifully to the depiction of various mental illnesses in a way that brought out humor, beauty, and commonality of all that can go on in the human psyche. 
It was so incredible, check out the trailer below!

1. I wish I bought the soundtrack!
2. I'm now pretty seriously mesmerized by the German wheel. 

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I'm into

You should play this song while you read the rest of my post..

{"Wide Eyes" by Local Natives}

{beautiful and delicate parallel highway necklace}

{sweet and simple summer style via The Sartorialist}

..also alliteration.

{lusting after the nudes.. heh heh. by Urban Decay
image via fashiontoast

{fresh flowers and fully stocked bar}

and  lace