Friday, September 30, 2011

photo dump

I realilze it's been a while since I dumped a pile of some favorite shots on you.
So, here.

1. We hit the York Village candy shop to satiate our sweet cravings.
2. Hats on parade at the beach house for Abby and Austin's wedding week.
3. Dewy sunflower from Emilee's garden.
4. Sunset at Union Station.
5. Eric takes the new tripod on a nighttime photoshoot.
6. Chris and Ben makie good use of cucumbers at an Elm Park picnic.
7. Annie found another way to recycle soda cans.
8.  Snuggling little sisters is the very best way to be woken up.
9. Blue nailpolish on brick. 

This week I'm ignoring hints of a cold coming on. Much too busy paying attention to the BFW swap Thursday night, the Topsfield Fair (rain or shine!) Saturday morning, and two days' worth of quality time (read: thrifting, sharing new music, and eating great food) with my bff visiting from Seattle. 

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