Friday, January 6, 2012

If I was a wealthy girl,

I would be a totally different person and who knows what I'd be into!

But anyway, I love these things:

I would name one Nug and one Roo. 
(Sorry Hams.. you're technically black striped, even though no one can tell.)

Perfect mix of equal parts cozy and badass.

Oh my goodness. Just.. oh man.

Happy New Year, and all that sort of thing!
I've got lots of goals for this new year. 
To name a few:
Well.. those are just words, really.

Anyway, in closing, this:


  1. Calvin and Hobbes make me exponentially happy. Maybe a resolution for 2012 will be to buy some of the comic books to keep around me at all time!

    Have you seen the Marc Jacobs mouse flats? They're similar to the pair you posted and so freaking cute!

  2. That Rick Owens jacket...swoon!