Tuesday, June 14, 2011

An Apple a Day (Keeps the Stress at Bay)

I have started this sort of routine for my daily walks to and from work. 
I am lucky enough to live about a 15 minute's walk from my place of employment. For that reason, I walk there pretty much every day. Back in April I started leaving my house a little earlier than necessary so I could take my time and enjoy all of the trees blooming all around me. It also gave me time to stop in at the local market and pick up an apple, which I would save at my office for the walk home. Some days I'd be so drained from work that I would be tempted to just hop on a bus, but I found the apple to be a kind of incentive to get me to walk. 

Thhe apple is only part of it though.
It reminds me of just how much I cherish that walk home to listen to music, get some excercise, and just unwind from a sometimes stressful day. I've been doing it pretty much every day since the springtime,
and I'm going to try and hold out as long as I can.
(Note: I even walked home that one crazy evening the tornado was in town!
Did you hear about that? It was scary for sure, but those of us here in Worcester remained untouched. Read about it here.)

{Early spring, E had my camera for the day, taking some photos of around the city for a work project. He caught me outside my office just after work! Sunglasses, check. Apple and music in hand. Mhmm.}

Oh & pardon the lack of makeup/half shut eyes.
...My allergies were in full force that week.

Do you have any daily routines you try to stick to?
I like hearing about other people's habits and daily life! So.. tell me, please!

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