Monday, June 27, 2011

B is for Boston Bruins and Beach Birthday

{my sister and I with a random fan dressed up as Stanley. Good grief.}

{Chara super head. I love the high five happening on the right.}

{A new One of My Favorite People in the World}

The Bruins parade was such a blast. 
Okay, the parade was hot and sweaty and crowded, but the day itself was so far one of my all time favorite days. We had adventures from morning til night, don't you love days like that?

Here's a quick (and maybe boring) breakdown:
We saw the parade, though I missed my favorite player, Thomas. Bought some fresh fruit from a farmstand and caught a breakdancing performance in Faneuil Hall. I felt nostalgic because I used to work down there! We got our car towed in Charlestown and went on a wild goose chase to find it, but even that was fun. Stopped by the North End to grab a couple cannolis at Mike's since I'm no longer right around the corner, waah. Grabbed some lunch at Whiskey Priest, on the porch overlooking the bay. Went back to Keith's to swim in his pool, and started out our evening with the funniest game of mini golf that I've ever played. Ended the night with a movie: The Tree of Life, which I'm pretty sure changed my life. Phenomenal. Still processing. Need to see it again. 
I love days like that. Completely full of adventure and laughter, and new friends.

My 25th birthday was spent on the beach with my favorite girls in the world.
I took the best beach nap I've ever had, and we left with enough time to go to a local beach (Revere Beach, anyone?) so I could have the birthday dinner of my choice: Kelly's fries with tartar sauce and a gigantic chocolate shake. 


Sigh. I've been in a funk, and I still am. 
But mostly right now I feel like this recap 
has helped me get my blogging game back. 
You'll see. 


  1. ah! what an awesome birthday!! I love having random adventures like that- it's nice to find other people who kind of go with the flow and just enjoy every curve ball :) Beach looked fun!

  2. Looks like you had a truly amazing birthday! And what can beat beach naps and chocolate shakes!!