Monday, March 12, 2012

lace luster

I'd like to do my hair like this,
(what a gorgeous upside-down braid..topknot.. 'do!)

Slink into this perfect bright red lace minidress by Lover
(did I mention it's perfect? It is PERFECT.)

throw on my favorite thrifted Marc Jacobs flatforms...

forego accessories

-and dinner--

and go on a dreamy walk to get some tart frozen yogurt with fresh fruit on top.

However, since I'm sick with a terrible stomach bug, I'll have to settle for opening all the windows, wearing chunky socks and an old high school hoodie, 
indulging in Saltines and ginger ale, 
and a HEROES marathon (I'm embarrassed that I'm hooked)

Still though, oh my goodness I'm so happy with this weather. 

1 comment:

  1. that red lace dress is just perfect. and i really wish i could do that braid with with hair. beautiful!!!!!
    xo TJ