Monday, March 19, 2012

With its beading, cutout details and scalloped hem, this piece is way too over the top to be paired with anything other than lightwash denim cutoffs. Kind of an understated Vegas showgirl. Or maybe I like the fact that I look like I've been tramping around in the grass and sunshine all day and am half-dressed to begin my night out at the opera or something. I almost didn't get it because I felt my hair might be just too much to even attempt to make it work, but then I realized it's too much of a gem to even care.

Things to notice about the above photos:
-open window!
-Cinderella doll from my childhood in the basket
-beloved JC rumble tapestry boots on my right

top: Salvation Army
cutoffs: swapped GAP
shoes: Target (ages ago!)
lipstick: Rimmel in "pink chic"


  1. That is a great top! It'd look really cool with baggy, boyfriend style jeans too.

  2. what a neat top! And i love your lip color! xo

  3. really cute top, and the shoes are great
    nice blog, love to follow u

  4. cool top! beautiful details. So lucky you swapped those great cutoffs-- I have the hardest time finding pants/shorts that fit me at a swap. Kudos to you!

  5. I think it really suits you. A very individual style.

  6. you are rocking this! love, love! :)