Friday, May 13, 2011

I wish that I could sleep forever and ever and ever and ever..

-Meeting my sister's friend from Norway and playing dance games on the Kinect (that thing is crazy!)
-Cooking with my husband.
-Feeling like a kid again jumping rope and climbing trees with friends at Elm Park.
-My dear friend (and housemate) Lora giving birth to her 4th child. Both are happy and healthy.
-More structure at work. (Finally! And yes, this is a very good thing for me.)
-Staying out until 4:30am, ending the night wearing Bruins jerseys.
-Feeling so tiny in Eric's arms.

-Sleeping through an alarm when I'm supposed to be at work writing a report that's on a deadline.
-Cold spring weather, without much promise of an altogether warm and sunny summer ahead.
-Questions that have no answers.

How can a tiny list of lows possibly outshadow those great highs?
Maybe it's because I'm tired and cranky.
Yes, that is why.

I'm so lame lately. No internet at home means no blogging for like a week. And when I do, it's wimpy. If you think I sound distracted, it's sort of because I am.
Life is so crazy sometimes.
I can't figure out if the beauty of it all is worth the pain.

But mostly I just need a nap.


  1. hey i found you through orchidgrey and i just wanted to say i like your blog. it's cute. and random :) post away!

  2. Ahh it is so random. Imagine what my brain's like! ;) Thanks!!