Friday, May 6, 2011

Moving right along

Just a little glimpse of what I wore for a chilly rainy Cinco de Mayo yesterday. Still feeling a little sick yet having to go to work, the sweater with its gigantic neck made me feel comforted all day long. Like I was still in bed or something. Mmm it was nice.
When I wear pieces like this- oversized knit 90s-esque sweater, I always feel like Sandra Bullock in While You Were Sleeping. Picture the scene where she pours some milk in the cat dish, and as her kitty laps it up, she dunks an oreo. Or when she orders a hot dog from that cart and picks all the onions off with her fingerless gloved-fingers. That's how I feel. If I had worn this sweater with chunky socks and my comfiest (but rest assured, hideous) clogs, I would have been there.

Hey, thanks so much for all your well-wishes on my last sicky-poo post. 
I'm on the mend, downing tea and honey nonstop (kinda sick of it), eating an orange a day and carting pocket tissue packs and handfuls of cough drops around with me everywhere I go.

Honorable Mentions:

-Lilacs are in bloom! They are my very favorite flowers. I just want to set up camp inside a huge lilac tree and bask in their aroma until they're gone. 

-Why oh why does that Rebecca Black song have to pop into my head every time I mentally rejoice in the fact that it's... Friday?! Terrible.

-I am honestly addicted to nail polish. (Help!) Today I blacked out in the cosmetics aisle and came to at the checkout counter holding my receipt and a mischevious little bottle of Essie's "over the edge" (midnight silvery beauty). Very tricky...

-Mother's Day weekend! Go love on your mummas!!

That's what I plan to do. Yup. All weekend long.


  1. Hah! I painted my nails not once but twice today because I also have a nail polish obsession. And I've never seen While You Were Sleeping but I want your sweater.