Monday, May 16, 2011

Whirlwind Weekend

Life is so nonstop and to believe that I could find the time in it to keep up with a blog in the way that I want to is completely unrealistic.

Another whirlwind weekend down which makes me feel like I need a day off to recover from my
Friday night we went to Joy and Lyd's for a perfectly summer dinner, then took a nice long stroll around their very hilly neighborhood. After that was a quiet night in. We watched The Fighter which was excellent and left me feeling full of Boston pride
...and also in the mood to really punch someone in the nose.
Saturday Alli and I pretty much cleaned house at the Canal District Swap. Truly truly killed it. I felt very satisfied and excited for my new (to me) clothes. It was also so refreshing to let go of three bags of my own clothes.
Phew. I could swap every weekend!
Afterward, as if my day wasn't already made,
we went to the Loving Hut (vegan) buffet.
We then attended a birthday party for a friend down in RI where we watched the Bruins game which I do not want to talk about. Hmph.
Sunday was church, baby shower, LOTR movie watching, Kelley Square Pizza.
In that fantastic order.
(Baby showers are weird, in that everything is decorated with like glittery baby bottles and diaper pins.)

Alli is dressed head to toe in swapped clothes! Lucky!
I swiped the lilacs from the Woo after church.. nyehehe.

Would you believe that I once walked in to find all three of my cats in that spot?!

Would you also believe that I have had 3 dreams in the last month in which my cats talked to me? I think I need some sort of crazy cat lady therapy or something.

Happy rainy ol' Monday. New England, I'm not your biggest fan lately.
Tomorrow's post: swap scores! yeah!


  1. Can't wait to see what you got! I wish I could have made it out to Worcester.

  2. That dress that Allie is wearing: Punky<Me<Allie (this is why I love swaps). Can't wait to see what you got (mostly because I know you walked out with a bunch of my stuff and I want to see how you style it! hehe!)