Friday, May 20, 2011

Tomorrow means Friday

As promised, I'm sharing my swap finds with you, though not quite "tomorrow" like I said.. 
and just a leetle beet at a time.
I took all these lame (really lame) pictures of the good stuff on hangers, 
but it was sooooo s&c* that I scrapped em. 

*s & c is a reference to my favorite Olsen twins movie, Passport to Paris. 
It stands for "snooze & cruise." 

First up, behold the silky deep red glory:

Tank: Swapped !
Skirt, Necklace & Belt: Salvation Army
Sandals: Gap 
Bracelet: Sista's

This late afternoon I'm popping in downstairs to take some pictures for my friend Lora of her newborn Corrie Susanna. She's an exceptionally attractive newborn, in no way resembling an old man, so I'm pumped. 

& hey, Worcester's stART on the Street: Spring Edition 
will be held on Main Street this Sunday! 
Over 150 local artists take over the street to showcase their work. 
Plus food, music, and an all around great atmosphere. 
(I'll be the one wandering the street elbow deep in my giant bag of kettle corn, thankyou.) 
My favorite purchase from last summer's stART. Haters be hatin'. Too true.

The Bruins won last night, the sun is out, and the weekend has commenced.
Take it aaaaaall in. 


  1. Loving that read tank. It looks great with all the other things :).

  2. oh that shirt looks like heaven. so silky and smooth. lucky you.

  3. Great shirt! Loving the whole look. The bracelet and your blue nails are fabulous!
    Sounds like you've got a decent weekend shaping up- enjoy it!

  4. I love that outfit you're wearing, the colour of the top is lovely, and the bracelets are lovely too, everything about it is lovely!

    Have fun taking pictures of your friend's newborn. Most aies are so cute, you just get the odd one which resembles an old person!


  5. That red top is awesome!! stART sounds like fun wish I could make it!

    And yes! I both read and saw The Secret Life of Bees. Both were good, but I liked the book better. Sometimes I think it depends on which order you read/see something. I'm reading Practical Magic right now, but since I saw the movie first (and I've watched it 80 bajillion times) I like the movie better.

  6. Great swaps! Never done that before, but I think the idea is superb.

    Hope you have a wonderful day, Love.

    That Girl in Pearls

  7. Love it all! That's a very nice shade of red on you.