Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Eighty Percent

Woody Allen said,
"Eighty percent of success is showing up."

I'll call this blog my 80%.
I have always felt that I'd be successful at blogging, and then I realized I never would if I didn't try. I suppose it's also sort of a New Year's resolution. I hate those, but this year I feel like they're necessary.

Here are a few other resolutions:

-Ballet. Let me explain. Despite being hugely inspired by Black Swan, I have wanted to take a dance class for a while. I was so close to taking a contemporary dance class, but the more I researched it (and by "research" I mean watched tons of episodes of "So You Think You Can Dance") the more I realized that contemporary is much too free for me. There isn't enough structure. One thing I've learned about myself through jobs and education is that I thrive in a structured environment. I like the rules of ballet. I took it years ago, but didn't stick with it. I want to do something good for my body besides getting on the elliptical or going on a run (not my thing). I like yoga enough, but I feel like ballet will also be a great challenge and will hopefully pay off. My first class is next Tuesday. That's in a week!

-Learn how to use my camera. I got a Canon Rebel T2i for Christmas from my Grandfather and I can not wait to figure it out. The possibilities with this camera are truly endless. Two of my top priorities: portraits and stop-motion animation.

-Restring my cello. And dust it off. And re-learn how to read music. Et & c..

-Blog. (Ahem.. Check!) I'd also like to start a vintage etsy shop this year, too.

-Shop creatively and only when necessary. I got a Forever21 giftcard for Christmas and all the way to the mall I was like "No basics! No basics! No basics!" Well wouldn't ya know, I came home with a bag containing the following: 1 white v-neck t-shirt. 1 white ruched sleeved t-shirt. 1 black long sleeved t-shirt. 1 grey jersey knit fold waist pencil skirt. AND a bottle of peppermint scented red sparkly nail polish. So, 99% of what I bought was basic.
I go to Salvation Army (my favorite is the one on Cambridge St in Worcester) and the whole way there I tell myself "Nothing too over the top! Nothing I'll never end up wearing! No more unrealistic though amazing vintage dresses! No more future though probably not re-workings or DIYs!" I currently have a bag from a Sally's trip with 2 (yes 2) lace floor length t-shirt dresses (working on re-working), and a sweet (though size XXL) Ginseng t-shirt and a pair of army green high top sneaker-ish boots. I think that sums it up. All in all, I'm proud of my purchases and finds, but they need to be fewer and further between. Hello overstuffed closet.

-Make good use of my time. Like.. blogging while waiting to switch the load from the washer to the dryer! So far, not bad.

-Get my wisdom teeth out. Deeper meaning: Grow Up. No one is going to make the appointment for me, and they will not just go away if I ignore them long enough. Believe me. I've needed them out since I was a junior in high school. I graduated in 2004. They're starting to give me migraines. It is time.

So, this concludes my first post ever.
I'm excited for this creative outlet and the only other journal I own besides my new 2011 Cat Calendar (thanks, Gram for encouraging my crazy cat lady tendencies). I would have liked to end with a picture of my cats, but I'm not sure how to post pictures just yet. Stay tuned.

Actually, voila! Nugget in a basket. She is snoring next to me as I type. 


  1. Love this list! Resolutions are hard to keep but it's so good to see what you are striving for right in front of you :)


  2. Best of luck with the wisdom teeth darling! I am getting mine removed too this spring and dreading it like the plague!!! And have fun with the camera...seriously love photography!

  3. Thank you!
    I'm seriously dreading having mine out too.

  4. Good luck with the ballet! I started a year ago in adult beginner classes, and although I go off and on with my schedule, I love it!! It's also a great workout once you get the hang of using your muscles for balance.

    I like your blog so far - looking forward to updates!

  5. dude. i LOVE your black cat- I have one just like her :) anyway, why not try tap or ballet again? I want to get back into dancing so badly.. I was classically trained and once performed on Broadway- ah, the good ole days... anyway, I'm excited to read your blog!!

  6. Thank you Caitlin! That's exactly what I'm doing- beginner ballet.

    Ash, thanks! I actually have three black cats haha. I think black cats are the sweetest! Wow, Broadway?? Craaazy. You should get back into dancing if you want to. What's stopping you?