Friday, January 28, 2011

We love to celebrate

On my actual birthday I woke up to a surprise breakfast and kitchen-full of friends!

Erin's birthday weekend in Keene, NH
A friend made the amazing cake (Erin's the postergirl for camping),
and I decorated her tent while she was on a bike ride.

Previous birthdays have included:
A trip to a b&b by the beach, fancy dinner and drinks, (all for mine, I'm so lucky!), a huge palooza at my friend's lakeside home complete with games bbq and fireworks, a camping trip weekend in Keene, NH (25 of us!), Mumford & Sons & sushi, and most of all... surprises! I can't even count how many surprise parties we've thrown.
We really really like them. 

How do you like to celebrate birthdays?

Oh, and one time I made this. Yes. A kitty litter cake. Complete with box and scoop and melted tootsie rolls.
It was disgustingly successful (but also delicious?) & was in my opinion, the hit of the palooza.
I made it for my friend Nate.. and the reason is twofold:
One, he does not like my cats and says so often.
Two, he once compared my dreads to cat turds.
Never. Again. 

So. Today. Lydia's birthday celebration. Go!
Four of us girls are meeting at my apartment at 6 to make lasagna. (with garlic bread and salad!)
At Salvation Army last week, Lydia found the prettiest bubble gum pink minidress that I have ever seen. (So, she'll wear that tonight.)
We'll dress up and meet up with friends at Allgos later for drinks and dessert. (Shh. Diet starts tomorrow.)
Maybe we'll dance the night away. (If our feet don't fail us. Curse you, pretty shoes!)

How are you spending your weekend?

Whatever you do, I hope it's just what you need!


  1. I'm seriously impressed. We need to start more fun birthday traditions. We are usually dinner and cake people. El boro..I do usually get Melting Pot though. Yummo!

  2. What awesome celebrations!

    Every year I try and do a different theme for my birthday party... And if costumes are involved, even better!

    P.S. I love Mumford and Sons... so jealous!