Monday, January 31, 2011

I blinked and it was gone, but I've still got the memory.

I'm drinking my coffee way too fast.
It's a rarity. I'm usually one of those people who pathetically nurses one cup of coffee pretty much all day (returning to microwave it several times). Is that gross?

This weekend was a fun one, except I feel like I blinked then it was over.
I got back at it this morning though by sleeping in a little and getting to work by 11:45. Hmph.

Here's a quick little weekend re-cap:

{A bunch of us pitched in to get Lydia the birthday girl this perfume she's been dying for!
(She was so so surprised!)
The rest of Friday night went according to plan.. see here
with one last stop at our favorite dive bar for dollar drafts and peanuts.}

{Saturday morning Eric suggested walking to one of our favorite breakfast spots in Worcester:
Annie's Clark Brunch
It's right on the Clark campus (down the street from our apartment) and it was packed!
I think what I love most about that place is the atmosphere. Annie is such a character & listening her talk to the waitresses and customers made us feel like we were watching a movie or something! Such a good experience.
(Also, amazing vegetarian chili with a pretty good kick.)}

{looking ragamuffinly & le tired. I was playing around with camera settings and with the editing tools the MacBook has to offer.
I hate those little wisps of hair. I look like Buffy or something.}

{One of my favorite parts of the weekend. Saturday evening Eric, Ben & I took a walk to the grocery store & I got to take some pictures of the snowy neighborhood for a photography project I'm starting. I took this picture standing at the top of a gigantic snow mound. The side I walked up had little footsteps carved into it, and the side I was to walk down had a serious slide going down it! Look at these gents. Helping a lady out! I had to capture it. We all went home (Ben lives upstairs) and shared a delicious meal of French Onion Soup & ciabatta bread. I can't get enough of it.}

{The newest addition to our household (on the first floor). Willow got a new kitty, Angel.
I got a phone call from an excited Willow who told me every detail of how said kitty was acquired. And how she is sooo lucky and soo excited and the kitty is sooo sweet and cuddly! Cute!}

To end the weekend, we had our weekly "Hobbit reading group" which consists of 9 of us all meeting in our living room and taking turns reading The Hobbit aloud to eachother, usually over mugs of mead and snacks of cheese and crackers or something else Hobbit-y. Eric keeps telling me to not seem so embarassed when I tell people about our group.
The Hobbit is totally cool.
There. We meet on Sunday nights and it is the perfect end to the weekend/beginning to the week. I fall asleep at night dreaming of hobbit holes and narrow escapes, dwarves in colored hoods and Gandalf the wizard. Though, I should mention that last night's reading finished the chapter entitled "Spiders and Flies".. shudder.

Man. My coffee's gone.
Happy Monday!


  1. I totally do the same thing with coffee. only mine is usually iced and I just let it slowly melt through the day. Pretty bad, haha.

    And the reading group sounds pretty fun to me!!

  2. This sounds so fun! Great pictures :)

    KF x

  3. I am a coffee chugger! I seriously put that stuff down...why do weekends always run by so fast!?!

  4. aww, that kitty is so precious :)

  5. Your kitten is so precious. I love your photography. I'm a new follower.

    Come follow me:)