Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Somewhere the sun is shining

I'm grumpy today.
It's not like I'm trying to be, I just am.
I fell down my front stairs this morning on my way to work, and a car drove by and beeped at me.


I'm dressed like a bag lady, and not the cute bohemian bag lady that the Olsens so often imitate.
I'm talking frumpy sweater, frizzy hair, salt-stained boots and chipping nail polish.Probably exaggerating on the whole bag lady thing, but it's how I feel.
Frumpy and uninspired.

Someone in my office just heated up beefaroni,
and just an FYI,
it does smell as gross as it sounds.

I was planning on doing a whole weekend recap post, but I don't feel like it right now.
When we got home from vaca, our fish was dead.
Eric's brother for some reason unplugged his little heater and he effing froze to death and I'm so mad.
It breaks my heart that people do such a shitty job taking care of the animals who depend on us for survival.

Let's think about something positive from today..
Well, I'm healthy. Fully functioning. Clean drinking water. Plenty to eat.
Too many warm clothes to choose from. A husband who loves me. A family who loves me. A place to call home. A source of income.
Somewhere, the sun is shining.

I really can't dwell on the negative. We have so much to be thankful for.
While I'm still in a grumpy mood, I need to put it all in perspective.
My life is so rich and so full.
There is so much beauty in the world.

I took this picture on our retreat in New Hampshire.
It's Kaylee & Willow reading together on a sunny morning.

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  1. hope your day gets better, I have lots of these days. Even though we all have a lot to be thankful for, it's ok to have a bad day every now and then! Thanks for your comments!