Friday, April 29, 2011

I am so beyond clueless when it comes to posting pictures.

Anyway, this week has been so great! Who's with me? The sun was shining, and when it wasn't, it didn't bother me at all because it was still warm out. Ahhh this weather has made me feel like myself again.
The outfit below is actually what I wore yesterday..

Silk shirt: old Express, thrifted
Belt: thrifted from children's section
Jeans: F21
Shoes: Nine West, swapped

Muchachon in my hands letting me kiss him.
(Fun fact: he makes kissing noises if he wants a kiss!)

A closeup of my belt:
This is quite possibly my absolute favorite thrift find ever.
It's decorated with little silver animals that go around the entire thing!

rhino, sea turtle, zebra, elephant... whale, leopard, walrus...
Truthfully I feel a little guilty that I snatched this up from the children's section! How could I resist?

How about I give you a list of the top 5 best things about my week, hmm?
Here we go,
  1. My seedlings sprouted! Yes! I've got to plant the morning glorys (glories?) in the ground tomorrow.
  2. Tuesday nights are always sure to be fun and interesting when you walk into an establishment going by the name of "Nuff Ced".. and then end the night (greet the day) at the Boulevard.
  3. This is huge. Really huge. I cleaned out my cloooooset!!! Lots of very swappable stuff in there, getting it all ready for a good old-fashioned Worcester Canal District swap.
  4. Two beautiful words: Spring Cleaning.
  5. My appetite is decreasing and my energy is increasing! I am such a true hibernator. I get tired and lazy and hungry in the cold seasons, and in the warm seasons I am up early, getting excercise, and all around a much happier person. I know I said it once up there, but I just have to say again, I feel like myself again. Hoo-ray.

Tonight, I am heading into Boston, meeting up with some friends and my sister to get dinner and drinks and then seeing my favorite band, MewithoutYou. You can check em out if you like, but just a heads up: they are an acquired taste. Most of my friends don't like them at all; those that do really love them like I do.

Lastly, here is a picture that might just make your heart burst from cuteness overload.
You have been warned.
E with Roo and our other (rescue) bird Cyrus. Yup. I'm pretty lucky.

I hope you get to spend lots of time outdoors this weekend!
Tomorrow is our neighborhood clean-up at Castle Park (behind our house),
and then more gardening, then a backyard bbq. Sigh.
Springtime, I'm yours.


  1. this post put a HUGE smile on my face :) Sounds like you had an amazing week that's about to be topped off by a stellar weekend! yay! Hubby and I are staying in (except when we visit my momma to watch the royal wedding- TOMORROW!) and gardening, cleaning, just catching up on living... have a great weekend!

  2. Your belt is gorgeous! I still haven't done any spring cleaning yet! Boo. Your birds are so cute! My boyfriend has one just like Cyrus :) xo

  3. That's a mighty fabulous belt! The whole look is pretty fab;) Sounds like you've had a pretty great (and productive!) week...hop your weekend is equally wonderful!

  4. Lovely top, and your cat is so cute! Have a lovely weekend.


  5. I keep rereading number five on your list hoping that my mind tricks my body into following along with it as well. I've been in hibernation for this weekend. I blame finals?

    Anyhow, you look lovely, and I hope Boston is lovely! xoxoxo

  6. That might be the best picture ever taken. Bird on cat on human? LOVE! I wish I could attend the Worcester swap- but it's so far out! Have fun!

  7. hahahaha woah. that's a whole lotta animal stacking up in there! awesome. :)

  8. That belt is awesome!