Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Like, enough.

                                   "People are always saying you should be yourself,
                                      like yourself is this definite thing, like a toaster.
                               Like you know what it is even.
                               But every so often I'll have, like, a moment,
                                 where just being myself in my life right where I am is, like,

               Inspiration & why I've been so absent:
               My So-Called Life
               specifically inspired by Rayanne Graff
               I got my camera back!

I have been making my way through the series any time I have a free moment. I'm totally addicted and it is to blame for my lack of blogging (or doing laundry or cleaning or sleeping). Yeah, it's good. If you were ever a teenage girl who went to high school, you should watch it.

Here's one more quote for ya, from Tavi who recently did a post about Rayanne*, the main character's BFF before there were even acronyms as cool as "BFF". She writes about the series,

"Though most of us know a Catalano and a Krakow, the most universally familiar aspect of Angela's life, at least among teenage girls, might be her narrations. They're wise words spaced out with "likes" and "reallys," and, when the show was still on the air, were sometimes regarded by critics as too intelligent for a teenage girl. Many people have also found them overly cheesy or deep, but that's how some of us teenage girls think! All these experiences are new and sometimes we think of something that sounds really poetic and perfect and think we are brilliant because of it!"

*Major spoiler alert. Serioulsy if you have any interest in watching the show, heed the warnings. I didn't and I suffered the consequences of knowing how it all ended.

So, I'm 5 episodes away from finishing. I feel like I've been swept back up into 90's style. I can't stop wearing my red Docs, flannels, quirky headbands, etc.
Seriously can not stop.. and I like it.


  1. oh i love you- seriously, my so called life is so freaking amazing! I bought the series years ago and no one I knew cared at all to watch it with me- hello, had they not seen jared leto?? anyway, i think I shall re watch it right now! thanks for sharing :)