Monday, April 4, 2011

That sister of mine is mine, all mine.

I have honestly been missing blogging. I've missed posting and reading your posts and comments, etc.
I feel so disconnected! (Is that a good thing?)
Well, either way, I'm back.

This past week with Al has been so great. So so great.
After this recap, it'll be back to normal posting.
(These photos aren't edited or anything, sorry. Time is money and I'm preeeetty broke these days.)

{together at our favorite hometown pizza shop}

{Harvard Square is where we have our best adventures.}
Also, I really am obsessed with the color gray, and my beehive is the same size as my head!

{She got me a hand dyed silk scarf and a colorful tapestry from India}

Highlights included:
  • Laughing, laughing laughing! We laugh at everything together.
  • Border Cafe, Totoro store, $20 purse from the UO basement (straight from heaven)
  • Watching two of our favorites from when we were little: Passport to Paris & The Sandlot!
  • Swapping clothes. I love hand-me-downs from my little sister!
  • Planning her 20th birthday party, and a road trip to Jersey for an annual gala. So 'cited.
  • Watching this. Over and over and over again. I just want to cry it's so cute!

I got referred to the cute boys with cats website over here.. and found this tumblr.
Could not  resist submitting one of my millions of pictures of myself with my babies.
You should check out this site too. I can't stop browsing. Adorable!


  1. Ahhh, this all sounds lovely! Your week with your sister seems like it was wonderful.. great photos! Some things are way more/fun important than blogging.. but it's nice to have you back! xxxx

  2. yay wlecome back! you and your sister are cute :0

    <3 steffy
    Steffys Pros and Cons

  3. A beehive!!! wow amazing, I'm really glad I stopped by.