Friday, April 22, 2011

A slice of me, 15 different ways..

For lack of something better to do on a chilly cloudy Friday afternoon, here is one half of 30 Photographs about me.

I always think things like this are so fun. I love reading posts like this by others, so I hope you enjoy mine! Realistically, I don't think I have the attention span to post 30, so we'll just say 15. Check out A Lost Feather and Srsly Liz to see where i got the idea from!

1. Someone I spend a lot of time with. E. Basically, my other half.

2. Myself. I laugh at weird things..

3. Makes me happy. My babies! Hamilton, Nugget and Roo.

4. My mom at my age 22.. with an itty bitty me, and my Gram

5. An old picture of me. Long hair, long gone.

6. Sisters. Kyla (now 4) Alli (now 20) and I in Harvard Square last summer.

7. Random (and really weird) of Eric and I. We were trying to be creepy when he shaved his beard last year..

8. Someone I can tell everything to (aka best friend): Lydia and I on our Memorial Day weekend camping trip. Just us and 25 of our closest friends.. BLAST!

9. Somewhere I love. Ocean Beach, San Diego. I think I left my heart there.

10. An accomplishment: A kitty litter cake for my friend Nate who hates my cats and likes to refer to my dreads as "cat turds." He never saw it coming, and it was the highlight of our joint birthday party last summer!! (Annnd, it tasted pretty alright.)

11. A great night: I love nights that accidentally turn out to be amazing- full of fun and laughter. This was one of those nights.. having a blast at our favorite dive bar, the Hotel Vernon. Dollar drafts, peanuts, and some of my favorite people in the world.

12. One that makes me sad. (My Penny moved across the country to Eugene, Oregon.)

13. Always makes me laugh. (Thank God for Photobooth on long family car rides!)

14. A crazy photo from a crazy time: Pat swung around the ship wheel at the Vernon's Uke fest. Somehow he cracked his jaw and we all ended our night at the ER. Thumbs up.

15. So last summer: Tuesdays at the farm were truly the highlight of my summer. I had an amazing summer in general, but still. Those Tuesday nights where we got out of work and drove out of the city to garden on Janet's farm, finishing the night off with a BBQ potluck and endless sangria with so so many people I loved. Fresh air, magical time of day (dusk), laughs, love, and dirty fingernails. My heart was quite simply full.

I love photos and I love my memories.
I am a very nostalgic person, so I jump at any opportunity to dig up old photos where amazing memories come flooding back.
Thanks for reading!

Have the happiest of happy weekends!


  1. oh man, this is awesome! seriously think you and i are soul sisters )or something cooler, not so cheesy sounding)..i love these kinds of posts! i'll have to do one next week. seriously, kitty litter cake? awesome! and all three of your cats look like my one cat..isn't gardening so much fun?!? we have to start planting actual FOOD in ours, right now it's just non edibles ( i think)..anywho, cheers to ridiculously LONG comments!! have a wonderfully splendid earth day and weekend!

  2. aw i love all the events you talked about.. camping with your friends and tuesday night get togethers.. so fun!

    #13 made me laugh out loud.. the ears! amazing! the picture of the 3 black cats is pretty cute/funny too :)

  3. oh! and i'll let you know what i think of the film! (i might be biased though, but.. oh well haha)

  4. Ahhh, this post is so cool! Your life and friends seem to be like such great fun!!xxxxxx

  5. i never realized before that you got dreads! i love dreads!they look great on you! love the pics! you seem like having great friends! just dont listen to your friend when he refers to your dreads as cat turds! lol

  6. I love that kitty cat picture!!! So cuties! They are friends all lined up, meow!!!

    Have a beautiful weekend!!