Friday, April 8, 2011

Summertime Clothes

Summertime Clothes

Pretty much my outfit for today.. more or less.
My friend Ben took my camera to Jamaica for the week (whimper, whimper.. I miss it so much!) so, I figured I'd head over to Polyvore to create an outfit similar to the one I'm wearing today.

If only I really was wearing those YSL sandals.. HA!
& my yellow tee is actually yellow and white striped. So cute. I initially had on a highwaisted black skirt but it was a little chilly for all the walking I've been doing today.
Nail polish: burgundy red fingernails & cloudy grey toenails.
Listening to Animal Collective nonstop.
Pining for the weekend nonstop.

This week flew by.

Eric's band played at Nick's last night and they had an excellent turnout.
I watched far too many movies including:
     -Cat on a Hot Tin Roof (Elizabeth Taylor & Paul Newman, yes!)
     -The Graduate (Simon & Garfunkel soundtrack, and Anne Bancroft is amazing)
     -The Virgin Suicides (Sofia Coppola is mind blowing)
     -An American in Paris (hellooo random colorful daydreams and bursts of tapdance)
E and I were really intentional about spending time together and it was so so nice.
Warm, sunny days! Windows open! Sandals on! Yay spring!

This weekend we're going to plant seedlings, head to the park with our friend and her little ones, go thrift store hunting for a new coffee table, and lots of other fun stuff! Eric took part in Worcester's mystery band, and the concert is tonight. So excited for it. Currently purchasing tickets for the Further Seems Forever (bleh)/ Mewithoutyou (YES YES YES) show at the end of the month. Also, our favorite local vegan restaurant is having a grand re-opening. Duck Yao.

Okay okay okay, one last thing:
harharharhar. so so good. {source}


  1. So similar to what I would wear as well (minus the YSL sandals and Chanel nailpolish hehe)!

  2. i still laughing at the last two pictures! lol
    so funny them two put together!
    nice selections! the vibrant colors are SO summerish!

  3. This weekend sounds absolutely lovely for you!! Be sure to post how it was!

    And would you believe that I've never seen Cat on a Hot Tin Roof? Oy.

  4. Ooooooo LOVE those sandals! Good call.