Monday, April 25, 2011

My So-Called Wardrobe

This is serious.
I no longer have the ability to make rational decisions regarding 90s style.
Please note the unintentional Rayanne Graff strand of blonde hair.
I got the Ann Taylor Skirt at Salvation Army last week for $6
The Docs were also a Sally's find a couple years ago for an insane $9.
They fit like a glove.. er.. gloves.
Chunky winter socks via Eric's sock drawer. Heh.


Like I said, I can't help it lately.
 I love the styles of the 90s. Can't get enough of it, & this is probably only the beginning.

My Easter was really nice.
When the clock struck midnight, Lyd and I went out with the boys for mai tais and love potions to celebrate the end of their fast.
(they gave up LQ for lent. such strength! haha)
At church, Eric Ben and Austin covered "Roll Away Your Stone" by Mumford & it was seriously seriously good.
I took an iPhone vid if you don't believe me.
After church we were off to Eric's Meme's house which was packed full of aunts, uncles and cousins as usual. Delicious food, hilarious conversation, I love that family. From there we made one last stop at Liz's house. She hosted a dinner for students who couldn't make it home for the holiday, and people who had no one to celebrate with. We capped off the night laughing at playful pups, drinking delicious wine, and having deep and confusing conversations about the future affecting the past or something like that.

Happy Monday!
Here's to a lovely spring week!

All photos by me!


  1. Ahhh, love your outfit and your easter sounds lovely :) x

  2. Your skirt is so lovely! And you sound like you had a great Easter :) Easter with all the family is the best xo

  3. hehe, i can't make rational decisions period.. so you're fine! i LOVE that nail polish color.

    oo.. and what a great song to cover.. love mumford & sons

  4. Well, I'm obviously biased but I LOVE your 90's style!