Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Take that, Monday

Phew, happy Tuesday.

There's this group here in Worcester who gets together at Green Hill Park (think huge, green hill) and watches the sunrise every Monday. They usually bring warm drinks and breakfast to share.
They call the group "Fuck Mondays."

I like that idea.

Well anyway, I felt blue without E and was in a funk after watching Grey Gardens alone. Work was lame. Also I eat horribly when Eric isn't around.
(eating horribly = leftover soup and cheezits with 2L of water and an apple)
So I got back at Monday, because naturally I blame all of the above on a day of the week. I feel like posting some more pictures. Don't get bored with me, pleeease!

To get back at the worst day of the week, my friends and I went to Nick's for some class (and karaoke).

1. Tina and Lyd singing "It Takes Two"
2. Pat and some ambiance
3. pretending to be weirded out (only pretending!)
4. back at the Boulevard, check the framed picture.
5. we took off our jackets and stayed a while.

Lastly, my baby sister is HOOOOOME from Germany!
I'm leaving tomorrow after work to spend the rest of the week in Boston, glued to her side hopefully.


  1. I'm glad you were able to stick it to Monday.


  2. That Monday club sounds fun.. the pictures are also very cool! xxxxxxxx