Friday, March 4, 2011

I feel excited and inspired and most ready for the weekend.

tribal nails.. so fun to create!

Currently I am curled up on my bed 
with an iced vanilla chai from Starbucks and the latest Vanity Fair.
I feel so cozy and content.

I'm working on planning a really fun Saturday.. I can hardly wait!
First thing in the morning, I want to make breakfast for Eric and the guys upstairs.
Depending on how tonight goes, I just might be ambitious enough to try
(of course, substituting the bacon for something else. Mushrooms maybe?)
After that, we're going to the Worcester Art Museum
because it's free admission til noon the first Saturday of each month. 
Maybe next month it'll be nice enough out to walk over! 

(Lots of exclamation points.. I must be in a good mood.)

After the museum I'd like to do a little thrifting around Worcester, sticking to a $15 budget.
To me, thrifting is so enjoyable and relaxing. 
After that, I've got a few ideas about what we could do if we're not all about spent by then.
Eric's got mystery band practice randomly from 4-6, and while he's doing that,
I'll be tidying up around the house, and maybe I'll even get in a quick nap!
My goal for Saturday night is to have lots of friends over to play games,
and finish off with an old movie.
My vote: Alfred Hitchcock's Notorious.
SO in the mood for that. 

(In other news, Muchachon just nonchalantly walked across my bedroom floor 
like a tiny little human. He makes my heart swell.)
& now, for no real reason other than to obsess about my animals once more on this blog, here:

Lastly, I wish my weekend involved building myself this
But alas, that's not on the itinerary.

Pleaaaase tell me what you're up to this weekend! Anything fun?
Are you a planner or more go with the flow?

Fun Fact: I love making itineraries. 

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  1. Ahhh! That bird, so pretty! Happy weekend girl! xxxxxxxx