Friday, March 25, 2011

Tell your gra'ma and your mama too

Flares are coming back! Eric doesn't believe me.
I thrifted these Gap flares on 1/2 off Wednesday at Salvation Army:

I think they're wicked cute, even if they kinda make me look like I have no bum.
(The wooden heels on my feet are Nine West. Got em at the last swap.)

I apologize for the incohesiveness..icity.. er.. but here are a few other photos of happiness from my week:

I woke up to a bouquet of roses from E on Monday morning.
They made me blush and then cry. (I may or may not be on my "lady days"..)
E snuggling Nugget.
We call her Schnugget, because she likes to schnuggle.

Fun print on a button-down I also thrifted on Wednesday.
I can't wait to wear it with a thick brown leather belt!

This week has been another sort of hectic one. Lots of working and spring cleaning and nights out. (How come people think going out on a Thursday night is a good idea, anyway?) I think part of this weekend is going to be used to recover from the week. In addition, next week Eric is going to Minneapolis for 3 nights and I am already starting to miss that little stinker.So I'll also be pouting around the house following him like his shadow & soforth to show my protest.* And, the night he flies in, I'm heading home to Boston to spend Wednesday-Friday with my sister who by the way comes home from Germany on Monday!!! Very excited to snuggle up in her twin size bed and talk and laugh til we fall asleep.

I even miss her really loud snore. I do.

*Here is something I like to do: give him a hug then not let him go for a really long time until he ends up having to drag me around with him everywhere, then he usually gets annoyed and breaks free. Then I laugh and he scowls even though I know truthfully he's quite amused.

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  1. The flowers are so beautiful! And the picture of Eric and Nugget is adorable! Haha I love the way you protest! :)

  2. Those jeans were a great find! They look so awesome! Enjoy your weekend! I too will be recovering! xxxxxxxxx

  3. I love flares. I only really stopped wearing them in the last two years, after wearing them all the time, so maybe I should start wearing them again!!

  4. your nugget looks just like my cat Cocoa! i usually just call her meow. but she doesn't like to cuddle! but i wake up with her on my back. make sure that you look at my post tomorrow- seriouslyyyy! you won't be disappointed hilary

  5. I'm totally rocking my flares right now! I lovvee the print on that blouse. And Schnugget made me laugh, haha.

  6. such a cute kitty!