Tuesday, March 22, 2011

This is happening

1. hotel vernon a.k.a. kelley square yacht club. and these guys are just havin fun.
2. i owe pat an expensive shot of whiskey for those tickets.
3. boulevard diner in the middle of the night. worcester is famous because it's got so many diners! wahoo.
4. lyd and i actually didn't have pancakes. we split the french toast. (everybody knows it's the best thing at the boulevard.) paul got something meaty i think.
5. the moon on a cloudy night (not the night i should have been photographing the moon) from my back door.
6. tokyo tramps with jon short at beatnik's. yeah.. they play the blues.
7. i had to post two pictures of the tokyo tramps because they're just so awesome. plus i love the drummer's shirt.
8. roo vs sweater.

..also, this is the best day ever because one of my very best friends just sent me tons of new music as well as a local zine from her home in Seattle. such a huge fantastic score, which explains why i'm up at 1am on a Tuesday. Roo is snoring up a storm next to me, and i should have been in bed hours ago, but i finally just can't stop listening to the newest LCD Soundsystem.

(oh & scroll down in case you missed my very first outfit post! heh.)


  1. Aw the last picture is adorable!!

  2. Oh hai Roo! You are tenacious and adorable! Oh, and french toast? Always the superior choice when compared with pancakes.

  3. i love the moon with the clouds. so magical :)