Monday, March 7, 2011

Some cheery for my dreary

Today, morale has been quite low.
This is not good, considering it's only Monday.
Overall, we had an excellent weekend. It was jam-packed, but very fun and community-filled.
I'll post a few photos once they're uploaded.

Sprinkled in with the good stuff though, we got some pretty bummer news about some friends of ours. It's the second time we've gotten news like that in the past two weeks. That  mixed with some other not so great stuff going on in my co-workers' lives plus the rain/snow combo we're having right now just makes for a less than stellar Monday.

Anyway, this sure cheered me up:
See more here.
So funny, no?

After sending the link to Eric, he suggested we try some of our own with our cats tonight. I still have tons of construction paper left from my paper chain kitchen project, and laying around is the thing my cats do best! Should be fun and at least make us laugh a lot even if it doesn't end up working that great. Working with our hands on something fun that's sure to make us laugh is exactly what we need. :)
Tonight is our date night* and we're off to FLATS for our favorite pizza and a bottle of whatever we've got lying around.. don't you just love BYOB restaurants? So, after dinner, it's home to get crafty!

I hope you all stay cheery today, despite the fact that it's a miserably rainy Monday!

* I always thought date nights seemed lame, and a little like they were trying too hard, but with our crazy schedules it has become the best way for us to be intentional about setting time aside for just us. I've come to love date nights! This morning I woke up to a kiss from E before he headed out the door. He whispered, "I can't wait for our date tonight!" 


  1. Ahhh, that is certainly a very cheering image! Glad to see your week is looking up! xxxx

  2. Awee.. such a cute post!
    Loving your blog :)
    Marusya V