Friday, March 11, 2011

"So you nurse your love
like a wounded dove
in the covered cage of night"

Anybody have any idea what these pictures are of??
(Gimme a break, they almost confiscated my "professional camera" and made me swear not to use it, so iPhone pictures are all I got!)

Bright Eyes!
We saw Bright Eyes last night at Boston's House of Blues.
It sounds weird to say I've wanted to see him for almost ten years... but it's true. I started listening to him back in high school. Our friend Pat got given the tickets for his birthday but found he had too much schoolwork (oh Harvard, give the guy a break!) so he asked if we wanted them. Can you believe that?!
He gave us tickets to a sold out show!

Let me tell you.
It is one of the best live performances I have ever attended.
They even played my favorite, which I totally was not expecting. (Arc of Time- hence the lyrics at the beginning.) Ugh. I could go on. And on.
It was.. an incredible experience.

Here are some favorites that they played last night:
Arc of Time
Bowl of Oranges
Road to Joy
The Calendar Hung Itself
Lover I Don't Have to Love (okay.. this song is really dark and messed up, but they performed it so well!)
et&c, et&c..

Eric made a good point.
He said it was the most depressing show he's ever been to,
but also musically one of  the best.
So, in short, I highly recommend that you attend the Bright Eyes show if they tour in a city near you.

If you're the praying kind, please say a prayer for all those affected by the tsunami in Japan, and also in Hawaii. I spoke to my best friend who lives in Maui, and am relieved to know she's safe and sound and out of harm's way. However, many are not..
Please go here if you wish to make a donation towards the Red Cross relief efforts.


  1. Hello, my friend!

    I just wanted to tell you in response to your comment left on the most recent post; yes, there are actually allotments right behind my house, but the waiting queue is silly long!

    This is a fabulous blog you've got!

    Thanks again for your sweet comment.

    Lots of love,

  2. great recommendation! My good friend just saw Conor play solo not too long ago... and boy, I was so PISSED I didn't attend... :( Now I know...