Thursday, February 3, 2011

Day 3 and some Winter Bluesin'

Today I felt really overwhelmed with the winter blues.
I love the snow, I just miss sunshine and warmth and being outdoors. 
After work, I decided to walk home and try and snap some pictures on the way.
(Sidenote: sketchy 'hood = probably not the best idea to walk home alone at dusk.. with my camera out.)
I do feel like it was just what I needed. A few people who saw me with my camera asked if I wanted to take their picture, so I said yes! It was such a good experience. I mean, ultimately the photos didn't come out that great, but I was so happy to have the practice. 
I'm realizing more and more how drawn I am to portraits. I think that's going to be my main focus in refining my skills.. skiiillz. 

Moving on, E's sister had eye surgery yesterday for a problem she's had since she was little. (I'm talking shots in her eye like every other week, medication with horrible side effects non-stop, and a pretty much non-functioning right eye.) Anyway, today I received the following text,
"I can't believe how bright colors are!" 
I'm pretty sure I teared up. She has been waiting, hoping, praying for this day for what must have felt like forever. So amazing right?

Here are a couple quick shots from my day:

{Say it with me:}

{I swear those are park benches.}
On the Common at City Hall.
My walk home from work.

Tonight turned out to be better than I'd expected.
My friends whisked me away to our favorite dive for some dollah drafts and peanuts. Mhmm.
It turned out to be really fun.. also weird, but that sort of comes with the "dive bar" territory.
It's 2am. I have jury duty in the morning. At 8. 
So, for now we'll just leave it at that.

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  1. This snow is killin' me! I don't like snow to begin with, so to see snow banks taller than me makes me want to cry, haha.

    xx, Katrina