Friday, February 18, 2011

Tradition that's to be cherished

This weekend we're heading north to our favorite beach evuuuuh.

(York Beach, Maine)

{these boats are effortlessly picturesque.}

{this was our last beach trip of the season.. }

{Dogs are allowed on the beach after pm (and before 7am)}

{catching the sunset with my sweet pea}

{Shauniee caught the best waves of his life that day.. the day after a storm.
& Eric's rainbows}

{Brown's Ice Cream with Eric's siblings: Shaun, Rach & Pete (not pictured)}

We're heading up for President's Day weekend. Every year, the family gets one massive hotel room across the street from Long Sands beach. We go out for seafood in Kittery on our first night, then head back to the hotel to hit up the indoor pool & hot tub. Then it's back to the room for pjs & a movie (if we can ever all decide on one)! In the morning, E's mom always draws the blinds for the sunrise, and makes everyone get up and bundle in blankets to go out onto the patio to watch it rise. The rest of the day is spent exploring some coastal town.. every year it's different. We've gone to Portland, ME (favorite), Portsmouth, NH, Kennebunkport, and some others that are slipping my mind at the moment. It's fun; we spend the day poking around the town, doing some shopping, grabbing coffee, stay for dinner stuff like that. I really really love coastal New England. I grew up spending summers down the Cape, but I've grown quite partial to Maine! Next morning, we go to our favorite breakfast place in the whole world Rick's Diner in downtown York where I aaaalways get the same thing: eggs benedict (sans canadian bacon, thank-you!). Then after that we drive around to all the different old war forts in the area that we love so much.

All in all it's a very fun and relaxing weekend.
Yes, we do the same thing every year, but it's the way his family likes it. And, I'm finding more and more that I really cherish tradition. It's so special to be intentional about spending our time together. I'm so lucky to be a part of Eric's family.

Mile Long To-Do List Holy Crap Why Haven't I Packed Yet?:
pick up snacks & magazines for the car ride
charge camera
charge phone
pack: pillows and my favorite blanket (blanket, not blankie)
leave keys and note on pet care for Joy
one last quick load of laundry
(last year I forgot and had to wear boots back and forth)
et &c. et &c

Oh & I forgot to mention..
All seven of us ride up in one great big van.
Yesssss family vacation!!!

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  1. That sounds amazing! I love the photo of the little boats.

    I need a good vacation right about now and the beach sounds like the perfect destination!