Thursday, February 24, 2011

Pop Quiz:

What do you do when your very favorite pair of jeggings fails you?

a.) Wear 'em anyway. (Helloooo booty sheggings!)
b.) Sweats & yoga pants until you get around to buying a new pair.
c.) Actually put some real effort into picking out something to wear and maaaybe wearing one of the millions of skirts hanging dusty in the closet. 

Well. I know what I'd do. And what I should do.
And they are not the same answer, my friends.

It is a sad sad day for me and my cozy little routine.
Said routine usually went as follows:
-jeggings (I love you, come back to me!)
-something like a cardigan and tank or a slouchy sweater
-accessories (In my defense, I feel like they're the most important part anyway so hmph.)

{Thrifted hair scarf, Eric's Gap sweater, Charlotte Russe jeggings (rip..literally), swapped boots,...
Friend: Mike, Bar: Nick's}

There they are. In all their glory. See what I mean about the routine? I had that thing down!
Well, spring is coming. I think someone is trying to tell me it's time to get creative. 
(They might also be saying, "Lay off zee carbs.")


  1. Aaaw, I'm sure you'll find a new pair! :) But I know how you feel, my favourite jeans have a whole in the crotch (very embarassing!) but I refuse to stop wearing them!

  2. I love a good pair of jeggings... they go with practically anything! Here's hoping you find a new pair soon. And I love your boots!

  3. A good pair of jeggings is hard to find. My advice - once you find some good ones, buy two pairs. Or more. I always do that when I find something I love. I look like a crazy lady scooping up armfuls of the same thing...but it's worth it.