Thursday, February 17, 2011

I hate waking up on Thursday, thinking it's Friday

But, I love waking on Saturday thinking it's Friday!

Plus, the weather here is outstanding today!
I thought I missed my bus, so I started walking to work (it's like a 15 minute walk if I take my time), then the bus pulls up next to me as I'm walking and the driver's like "Hey! You gettin on?" Honestly, when I thought I missed it, I was kind of annoyed about having to walk, but after a few minutes of walking I felt good about it. The sun is shining, the air is crisp. Everywhere snow is melting. So, I said no thank you, that I was walking today.

The one bummer about walking was that I'm wearing a skirt with tights, and my skirt kept riding up and sticking to my tights. Luckily though, my jacket covered the majority so that I was the only one who noticed, because it felt very annoying. Too bad it's not socially acceptable for me to reach up the bottom of my jacket while walking down Main Street! Ahem.

{My favorite bracelet is from Alexis Grace}

{First iced coffee of the year! Also, I'm a Bruins fan..and never too picky for a little Dunkin :) }

{After having a conversation about carnations, and my dislike for them, I happened to stumble upon the most beautiful carnations I've ever seen. I now have to retract all negative comments ever made about them.
Well.. I still hate the pink ones.}

{Check out this crazy wallpaper in the entryway of a hair salon! Also, they still have their Christmas tree up.}

I'm so ready for springtime after today's weather. The snow is great.. I really do love it, but it's time.

I want to garden.
I want to wear a skirt without tights.
<--like that. :)
It's actually a thrifted skirt worn as a dress. The awkward pockets at boob level make me look like I have huge ones, but other than that, I like the way it can pass as a strapless dress when belted and gathered just right!
(Please note the iced coffee. I have an addiction, okaaay?)

{Note: This was such a great day. Eric & I went to the MFA to see a screening of In a Dream, the documentary Jeremiah Zagar made about his dad, artist Isaiah Zagar (who is known for his mosaics which cover over 50,000 sq ft of South Philly. It's very beautiful!) For the film, we met up with a couple friends from NYC and Philly, grabbed some Indian food, and spent the rest of the day schleppin around Cambridge until the evening where we saw one of our favorite bands, Mewithout You play at the Middle East. It was my favorite show. Then a local photog asked to take my picture for a series he was working on about local concert-goers, specifically at the ME. It was pretty cool. This day was back in 2009, but I still remember it being on of my favorite days of the summer. (And also a very Philly day. MWY is from Philadelphia as well.)
I don't expect anyone to read this ramble.. but I want to remember it forever.}  


  1. I drink iced coffee year round, how's that for addiction? Haha. I feel your pain about the skirt & tights keep falling down today and I have to remember I am at work and can't randomly stick my hand up my dress, haha.

  2. cute dress,is it from American Eagle?I wear shorts over my tights,to prevent them from falling.

  3. Nope, It's actually an old skirt from Salvation Army. It didn't have a label on it but I think it's probably from the 90s. I just wore it as a dress.