Thursday, February 10, 2011

Wednesday: Sleep is on my mind but out of reach. 9.

Weird dreams.
(ready for bed)
Free Dunkin coffee every Wednesday made just right.
Dude-guys on the bus.
Classroom full of students I love.
(ready for bed)
Sun. Oh the sun!
Celery stalks, pb& honey, cheez-its: Lunch. Yum.
At work doing a job that's not my job.
(ready for bed)
Walking home on unshoveled, iced-over sidewalks.
That sun!
Dishes. Laundry. Etc. Etc.
(ready for bed)
Trying unsuccessfully to bail out of a community meeting.
Community meeting.
Inspiration. Vision. Hope. Community. Together.
(ready for bed)
Musicians upstairs...making music.
Godiva liqueur.
PJs: Celtics shirt. Extra socks.
Ready for bed.
(ready for bed)
Musicians upstairs...
Sudoku on the iPhone
Pleading text: "Put the drum away!"
Good morning, sun.

{image via iPhone using Lo-Mob app.}

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