Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Today I'm home sick with a stomach bug so I took some time in between sleeping and drinking ginger ale and watching Lifetime movies (I wish!) to snap some photos and share with you some favorite aspects of my room...

{My snugglebug Roo. Can my cat be a favorite part of my room?
You'll have to excuse the flannel sheets on the bed. Not my first choice, but Eric picked them out and he loves them. The matching pillow cases have little moose and bears and loons and log cabins hehe. I have to admit, they're pretty cute and soo warm! 
(Please click on photo to maximize cuteness.)}

{Cheery curtain letting just enough sun in.}

 {Painted cast iron jewelry organizer from an antique shop. The pretty blue glass piece from Salvation Army holds collected matchbooks from different places around the country E & I have visited.}

{My nana's vintage pillbox and a silly chicken picture frame with a picture of the silly sisters! 
(my sister Alli & I)}

{Eric scored this vintage mirrored perfume tray for me at a yard sale for 50 cents! 
It's so perfect & really pulls together the overall look I'm going for.}

{"Dear Little Bunny" vintage print gifted from my mother in law for my birthday.
Bunnies are my very favorite!}

{Bunnies.. and cats. Bun-bun my childhood friend is now keeper of headbands & hairthings.
It's sort of a mess right now. Dream journal on the left.
Gifted tabby cat ring holder from MexiCali Blues. 
Paisley drawer organizer from Home Goods holds belts, bangles, sunnies & other pretty things like that.}

}These two cat figurines were bought for me by two different friends visiting the Philippines at two different times! 
They had no idea! How funny :)
I slip little poems, photos and notes from friends into the glass to inspire me and help start my day off right each morning.} 

{Flower-shaped mirror in my favorite shade along with another note on a rosey sticky.
Diggin my fuschia nails.}

{Wedding bouquet, sentimenial swans- a gift from E for Christmas, found on Etsy. H for Hilary, a bowl of scarves, a handcrafted hand mirror, & a little Japanese dish that I use to organize doodads 
(rings, hair beads, Magic Hat bottlecaps, and can you see the little Totoro?)}

{This sweet cardigan was on super super sale at the Old Navy outlet. Reminding me that although that little hint of spring is long gone (it's in the 20s today!), Spring really is just around the corner. 
Take heart! }

I hope you enjoyed the teeny tiny peek into my room. I'm really looking forward to spring. I've got a whole bunch of plans for re-doing my room and I can't wait!


  1. Wow, That is a serious jewellery collection! Your room is awesome!


  2. Sorry for posting the muffin recipe! :D
    Your room looks so pretty! Love the cardi as well!