Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Ice: 4, Innocent BiPeds: 0 (Day 6 was Sunday, I'm awful)

Who gives a damn about the Superbowl score when we're dropping like flies?

Friday Joy fell on the ice walking up our front steps.
Arms flailing above her head, she was down in a split second. Landed right on her thigh.
(In retrospect, it looked very very painful.)
Being the empathetic, compassionate and caring friend that I am, I replayed it in my head pretty much all night and could not stop laughing.
(I'm sorry I know, I'm horrible. It's just that falls are the funniest things ever!)
Eric had fallen in that exact spot like an hour earlier.

Sunday, I was miserably grumpy. (Side effect of the weather, I tell you.)
Eric was honestly a saint.
He made me a smoothie and let me split his egg sandwich because I woke up too late to make myself breakfast.
I was so mean and cranky.. it's like my subconscious knew that I didn't stand a chance against this day.
Well, walking around the front of the car (Eric was in it, patiently waiting for me so we could book it to church).. and, I slipped and fell miserably on the ice. E had a front row seat. As if I wasn't grumpy enough!
I just sort of.. laid there. So angry and so embarrassed and in pain. I landed right on my tailbone.
Naturally... I...CRIED!
I think my exact words were, "I'm going back to bed!" and I hobbled back up the stairs and fumbled with the keys, trying to get back in the house and hide my tears.
I need to just take a moment and say: My husband is the most amazing man in the world to me.
He treats me better than I know I ever deserve. He just let me cry and whine and mope and feel sorry for myself.. and then, when he felt I was ready for it, he re-enacted the fall for me, being sure to explain that all 4 limbs flew up into the air faster than he ever though possible, and I had a good long laugh/cry about it.. then we headed back out to the car, inching slowly across our foe, the ice patch.
When we got to church, we found Lyd there crying and holding an ice pack to her head.
That sneaky devil got her when she was walking out to her car, and she slipped and slammed her head really hard against it. Caught in a sort of fog, she ended up driving herself to church anyway, then sort of came back to reality and was overwhelmed by the pain of, you know, smashing your head against solid pavement coated in a sheet of solid ice.

Winter, you're not welcome here anymore.
I just want to be rid of you!


We spent the rest of the day holed up in our cozy apartment.. the ice victims with the most recent injuries let the other 2 make us soup. We napped on the futon: Lyd with her ice pack (oh, the irony) and me with my heating pad (I'm not sure if it's actually helpful, but it did make the pain stop). The 4 os us dined on French onion soup, melty cheese and fresh bread, then the girls retreated back to the futon where we kitten-piled, watched a bunch of my favorite Friends episodes (I'm a seriously hardcore Friends fan), then begged Eric and Shaun to venture out and fetch us our favorite comfort food: Ben & Jerry's.

To end the night, we rescheduled the weekly Hobbit reading since more than 1/2 the group was at Funky Murphy's watching the Superbowl and eating 10 cent wings (gross).. replacing the reading with the 5 of us piled onto the futon, wrapped in blankets, and our respective heating pads/ice packs, and watched another favorite: Ever After.

Best line of the movie: Yes, I shall go down in history as the man who opened a door!

Photo from yesterday:

{Muchachon napping on my MacBook while I updated my facebook.}
This little guy is my shadow and he absolutely melts my heart!!!
FYI: He's a rescue. I am actually really against caging birds at all, but I could not resist the opportunity to give him a safe home.

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