Wednesday, February 2, 2011

R2 Day 2

Some times I get it in my head that I'm not a good enough match for E.
How come opposites attract, anyway?
I mean, we're fine. Everything's fine. We're best friends and the 2 most stubborn people in the world, and tonight we sort of had a bad night involving a recurring argument having to do with extroverts (me) and introverts (him. duh). Let me tell you, after 4 years of being married we have most definitely made a lot of progress, and I know we'll make lots more.

Anyway, we talked stuff out and ultimately made up..
it just feels good to write about it a little bit.
While we talked, Eric made an unbelievable pizza (he's the cook, people),
and have since devoured it.
Carbs, you own me.

I'm trying to keep up with my photo & post a day and that would be terrible to have failed on only the second day!

{the aforementioned pizza:}
homemade dough
homemade sauce
fresh mozzarella
100% deeelicious! 

Last night at like midnight we took a spontaneous trip to this crazy castle on top of a hill:

{Eric and Ben wore camo shorts..suspenders..and sweatbands. 
They shoveled our whole driveway out like that, too..insisting that it wasn't cold.
John looks epic.}

{Not even close to the biggest icicles around..
today on our snowventures we saw ones that covered a house's entire doorway!}

Today was fun. 
I got up early (lie. not early, just early for a snow day) and my friend John and I went to a friend's house to shovel them out. In the freezing rain. 
Then, we went to get Lyd and Ben (and Starbucks) and went out to our friend's farm to shovel her out! Usually Nate does it for her since he lives close by, but today he got some help. And then she bought us pizza and we hung out with her and her dogs (4 boxers!) and talked about future plans for the farm. 
I think this would be an appropriate time to mention Tuesdays at the Farm:

Basically, every Tuesday night, we'd leave the sweltering suffocating city and drive out to our friend's farm where we would work in the garden or fields or chicken coop or stables, then when the sun went down we'd eat the potluck meal together and spend time together on her porch in the cool country air, under the vast starry night sky, then pile in our cars and caravan back to Worcester. 
That farm was so much to so many people last summer.
It was an oasis, a vacation, a breath of fresh air, and a source of peace and community. 
& so much more. 
I'm counting the days until we're back there again. 

Ahem. End of tangent. Back to reality. My city is buried in snow, currently. 
Hilary, it is the dead of winter, stop torturing yourself with thoughts & memories of Tuesdays at the Farm! 
Here we go. Much better.

{stranger snowblowing on Vernon Hill}

{Pretty hallway window in my friend's apartment building.}

Man. I just got struck with the sudden realization that there is so much of my life that I'd like to share with all of you. 
Roo is curled up next to me, head leaning on the edge of the laptop & she's snoring.
Next to her is Eric. Also snoring. 
Time to hit publish. Shut the book and..and.. (yawn)...

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  1. Lovely post. The picture with the icicles is epic. :)