Monday, February 7, 2011

5 is cold and rainy

Friday night my friend Joy and I made paper chains all night while watching 2 of my favorite movies:
-The Secret Life of Bees (seriously in my Top 10!)
-13 Going On 30 (It never gets old.)

Interesting Story of the Week:
I was feeling all blue Thursday night.. feeling unmotivated and kind of antisocial. Eric was at practice and I just didn't feel like doing anything at all (I hate that). I was browsing the "Watch Instantly" on Netflix, and kind of embarassingly decided on what I already knew would be a terrible horrible awful romantic comedy. I was at least hoping for a good wardrobe since it was about a "fashion writer in NYC"..original. ANYWAY I watched it and it was exactly what i expected sans cute clothes (hello skintight dresses in every scene + nude heels that really didn't go with anything she wore. And I thought nude went with everything!)
Ffwd::: I'm in the car with Joy and Lyd (they took me out in hopes of lifting my bluesy meh feeling) and I confessed to them that I had just indulged in a horrible romantic comedy..and when I said what the movie was, Lydia screamed and said I JUST WATCHED THAT TOO AND FOR THE SAME REASON AND THOUGHT THE SAME THING ABOUT IT! Then, Jess gets in the car as we're still talking about it, asked what movie we were talking about and goes I JUST FINISHED WATCHING THAT LIKE 10 MINUTES AGO! (and for the same reason.. and thought the same thing.) Weird how these things happen. Winter blues brings out the worst taste in movies. We had a really good laugh about it. Man, I love my friends. Love them.

Saturday morning I slept later than I wanted to, then was grumpy, then ate and felt better and productive.
Eric lost his house keys last week, so I took a walk down to this little locksmith and had some extras made.

{I love how busy the walls are.}

Saturday was also E's sister's birthday so the whole family + a ton of friends went out to dinner to celebrate.
She asked us to print & frame the following picture for her birthday (she's so cute).
{This was on our camping trip for my friend Erin's birthday.}

After that, I went out for a couple drinks with Lydia who just got off work.
We slipped and slid over to Beetnick's which is like a block away from the restaurant she works at. The sidewalks had turned to ice because of all the rain, and the streets inbetween the sidewalks were like giant lakes! It has never been more difficult to walk one block!

All in all it was a good day and also.. I can't wait for spring.


  1. 13 going on 30 is one of my all-time faves!!

  2. I love the yellow hat and wellies!